The 8th All-Ukrainian best jewellery sketches contest

The 16th of May, the 2nd day of the exhibition. The 8th All-Ukrainian best jewellery sketches contest was held within the framework of the exhibition Jeweller Expo Ukraine 2008. The contest was organized by JSC Kyiv International Contract Fair, the Association of Jewellers of Ukraine, Vestnik Uvelira Ukrainy magazine. The general partner of the contest was Kyiv Jewellery Plant.

This year the contest was held in both professional and youth categories.

100 sketches were hung out in the open area of the 1st pavilion of the exhibition centre Kyiv Expo Plaza. So all the visitors and participants of jeweller exhibitions could see and evaluate the sketches.

The contest was held in both categories in two nominations: the best jewellery of the year, the best ring of the year. Besides, the organizers awarded competitors with diplomas in the next nominations:

For national traditions personification,

For the best personification of artistic idea ,

For the most elegant adornment.

The contest commission evaluated the represented works by the next criteria:

- topic discovery profundity;

-idea originality;

-artistry harmonic compositional and artistic decision.

The results of the 8th All-Ukrainian best jewellery sketches contest were summed up on the18th of May in the 1st conference-hall at 12 o`clock.

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