The day of technologist

The 16th of May, the 2nd day of the exhibition. The day of technologist traditionally took place within the framework of the exhibition. This year such companies as Pro Gold Ukraine, VeMaTek Ukraine and Charlyrobot joined the organizers of seminars circle.

VeMaTek - Ukraine and Charlyrobot companies carried out the seminar named Complex usage of ArtCAM program and Charlyrobot lathes for jewellery production.

ArtCAM JewelSmith" technological designer packet, the mission of which is to substitute manual labor of engraver by machine one and exclude manual labour at all. This system allows make three-dimensional models by two-dimensional pictures, represented by standard formats of graphic packets.

Pro Gold conducted topic seminar named Phenomenon of silver eclipse: chemical interaction, analysis methods and estimation in real life.

Ruta company prepared a circle of seminars devoted to introduction of the modernist technological process. The service engineer of Ruta company Sergey Kozlovsky, told about foundry methods with the usage of high-tech equipment Yasui (Japan). The main condition of qualitative goods production is the losses minimization during the production developing. The losses mainly connected with the necessity of additional processing after every phase of production.

Ruta company conducted topic seminar named Laser technologies in jewellery production in conclusion.

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