Official guests of the exhibitions: Jewellery industry of Ukraine is successfully developing

The 15th of May, the first day of the exhibition. Official guests of the exhibition expressed their assurance in the further successful developing of Ukrainian jewellery industry.

Vasiliy Melnik, the Head of the Department on the governmental regulation of operations with precious metals and stones congratulated everybody with the solemn opening. He highly estimated jewellery which was represented at the exhibition: Jewellery industry is successfully developing. In 2003 the jewellery sales volume was 5-8 tons. In 2007 the volumes were 80 tons. Prospective sales volume will be 100-110 tons in 2008-2009. I think in some time Ukraine will compete with the best world`s brands and the next exhibition will be better and more representative.

Sergey Grishchenko, Deputy Minister of the industrial policy of Ukraine notified that the membership in WTO was not dangerous for jeweller enterprises. In his opinion, the growth of jewellery industry will be continued. I was present at the first jeweller exhibition opening. 27 exhibitors took part in the exhibition. Today the quantity of participants is considerably more. Jewellery industry reflects citizens prosperity. We can see consumption growth of such production. The branch has a lot of new brands which are as successfull as old ones.

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