We economize on energy

The 27th of March - the third day of the exhibition. In order to economize in the future, it is necessary to spend for building. The basis of energy saving are technologies of economy of heat due to different thermal protection materials and systems of heating. The participants of the festival Building and Architecture 2008 represented last developments in this industry.

The economical facade system for dwellings and industrial buildings was represented by aumit company. The facade thermal protection system with the use of cellular polystyrene plates can be assembled on all types of grounds. This system of warming befits for old and new structures, cottages and many-storied dwellings buildings. The system is certificated in Europe.

Technovent company proposes consumers to familiarize with uninflammable, hidrophibizational and thermal protection plates Technovent. The plates are used in the system of warming of outward walls of buildings and possess high thermal protection ability, stability to high temperatures influence, law water absorption.

The new generation of natural insulating materials Izovol is offered by Belgorod combine of thermal protection materials. The use of plates is effective not only in building but also in energy, engineer, medicine.

In attempt to protect mansards from heat losses Roto company developed unique system of thermo-insulation of mansard window.

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