How to protect houses from ignition?

The 26 of March - the 2nd day of the exhibition. The representatives of Promat company are sure that it`s necessary to use fire-protective materials. They organized a seminar Fire-protective material Promat in the framework of the festival.

The company proposes hundreds of tested and certificated fire-prevention constructions and systems. The main aim of them is rescue of people, values and constructions in case of fire.

Mineral fire-protective slates Promat are the main material for fire-protective constructions and systems.Along with slates, Promat offers wide assortment of products which form base of fire-prevention constructions and systems:

- fireproof glass;

- fireproof materials;

- fireproof dry mixtures and putties;

- auxiliary products (impregnations, glues);

All products of Promat not only protect constructions from ignition but it is also safe for environment and health.

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