The main events of the festival Building and Architecture 2008

The 25th of March is the 1st day of the exhibition. In the framework of the festival Building and Architecture 2008 there will take place plenty of conferences, seminars and presentations. The leaders of the most authoritative state and private build companies, planning institutes, representatives of government structures and mass-media take part in these events.

At first day of the festival Robert Bosh LTD will conduct a seminar on the topic The novelties of Bosh technique of the season 2008 (on the 25th of March at 12-00 in the conference-hall #1 of the 3rd pavilion).

Knauf Marketing company will conduct the presentation of Mechanized causing of plaster-putty mixtures. The presentation will take place on the 26-29th of March at 11-30, 13-00, 14-30, 15-00.

Property management group company will conduct a seminar Are the playgrounds obligatory or superfluous components of housing estate and cottage towns? at 12-00 on the 26th of March in the 1st conference-hall of the 1st pavilion.

The day of marketing will take place for the second time in the framework of the festival. The aim of this event is to familiarize with the participants with the new instruments, methods and technologies of advance at the building and realty market.

HC Kyivmiskbud will conduct a seminar Readiness of the objects to Euro 2012. The seminar will take place on the 28th of March at 14-00 in the 3rd conference-hall of the 1st pavilion.

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