KIFF 2008

Features of the use of branding at the furniture market.

The 14th of March the third day of the exhibition. Seminar Features of the use of branding at the furniture market for specialists of furniture industry took place today in the framework of the furniture forum KIFF 2008. Seminar was organized by JSC Kiev International Contract Fair.

Vyacheslav Igorevich Popov, the Executive director of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture-manufacturers marked that the question of branding is especially important in the light of entry in WTO the largest European operators will soon enter the Ukrainian market, so our companies can loose their market.

Vadim Pustotin and Olga Kuchmeeva, the consultants of Sledopyt company told about branding and characteristics of making brand of furniture company.

Vadim Pustotin told, that the Ukrainian furniture market is characterized by the followings features:

-large quantity of the companies, which produce similar assortment;

-comparatively not enough companies, which have brand characteristics;

- the assortment of many producers is not connected with concrete purpose group of costumers or with any style;

What mistakes are made by Ukrainian furniture-manufacturers, which form favorable image of their products?

The aim of the Ukrainians furniture companies is to extend the segment of the offered products conquering the wide mass segment of inexpensive furniture.

In opinion of Vadima Pustotin, frequently the Ukrainian furniture companies can not create certain image, idea, style and direction of the furniture.

Olga Kuchmeeva marked in her appearance that in order a company must form internal branding to be successful at the market: Brand, above all things, it is people which create and move forward products.

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