KIFF 2008

Zavalyuk A.P.: The volume of the furniture market in Ukraine is no less then 1 billion dollars

The12th of March, The first day of the exhibition.KIFF 2008 is very good marketing instrument. KIFF allows to estimate potential of the market Zavalnyuk A.P., the vice-president of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture-makers thinks.

He also marked that there are so many people at the exhibition. The best companies from Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Germany and Ukraine take part in KIFF 2008. Producers represent to the visitors everything that could be contrived for the last time. Exhibition is a very good opportunity to talk to furniture-manufacturers, providers of furniture components.

By the last researches of Italian furniture industry Ukraine is the second country by the temps of increases of the Italian furniture export. It means that Ukrainian costumers need quality furniture. We also have differed demand for furniture a lot of our nations didn`t change furniture for 20-30 years.

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