KIFF 2008

Belyaev A. M.: Furniture market is growing

The 12 of March - the first day of the exhibition. Belyaev A. M., the president of Association of Furniture-Manufacturers expressed his opinion about furniture market of Ukraine and KIFF with the representatives of MASS-MEDIA:

The volume of furniture products market increased by more then 20% in 2007. The volume of manufacturing increased by 28%. The industry is developing, new factories and new workplaces appear. Export the products increased by 25% last year. Mainly it was furniture of the middle segment, which has good resources for developing in our country.

Belyaev A. M. marked that IFF 2008 is a festival in which producers can represent their achievements, talk with their customers. We learn much new about our customers needs. The quality of foreign exponents increases each year. We are pleased of the presence of numerous companies from European countries.

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