Popov V. I.: Ukrainian entrance to WTO will allow us to achieve new borders

February, 26, the first day of the exhibition. The Head of the association Ukrmyaso Vladimir Il'ich Popov answered questions of MASS-MEDIA after opening ceremony.

How will Ukrainian entrance to WTO influence meat and meat-processing industry of Ukraine?

This year we enter WTO. We are very glad of this fact. We hope it will will be easier for us to work. Nowadays there is the most difficult situation in the industry: lack of domestic raw material.

If we enter WTO, there will appear question about access of our meat industry to the European market. This process will entail our reaching the new lines in the questions of technical rearmament, exchange by technical and technological novelties.There will be more wide possibility to make attempt our people foreign products, and our products to Europeans.

I know the reviews of Europeans about our products. Our wares of sausages, for example, are one of the best in Europe. So we have a lot of enterprises which produce the products of the greatest quality. There is represented equipment of many famous western firms.

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