ALLPACKING gives gladness to the clients

February, 29, the fourth day of exhibition. What can be the best gift, beside mild, warm and charming toy? And if your child or sweet one will find out inside the set of candies, it will be double more pleasant!

Ukrainian company ALLPACKING offers to attention of visitors of the exhibition Pak of Expo 2008 large assortment of packing products of premium class as heroes of fairy-tales, characters of New Year, amusing characters of cartoon films, and also bright pillows, backpacks, balls.

ALLPACKING offers the clients not only the soft packing but also metallic small boxes for candies and pastries with the inflicted pictures and logotypes. A company in collaboration with the authors of cartoon film Pro kazakov let out the metallic packing with the brightest and colourful moments.

Packing of commodity the firstr thing, which buyers see. Frequently the beautiful, showy, bright packing serves a reason for the purchase of commodity. The production of ALLPACKING complies with requirements and criterions of such packing.

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