The winners of packing contests

February, 27, the second day of the exhibition. In 2008 Club of packers of Ukraine conducted 10th national contest The best packing Ukrainian star of packing 200, 9th contest Ukrainian label and Packing of the future . 226 wrappers and labels

The judges summed up and in solemn situation declared winners.

Valery Krivosheev, the Chairman of judge, Head of Club of Packers of Ukraine congratulated all participants of the contest and marked: Today we work out the totals of the tenth contest, over the years 33 Ukrainian packing became the winners of the contest WPO World Star Award. This year we added another contest which we conduct annually the contest of the pupil of Kyiv`s schools.

The winners of the contest The Ukrainian star of packing 2008 became:

Packing for food products:

LTD. Glamur Pak Kiev - a gift set for chocolate;

PI Al'tuler, Kherson - the polymeric packing for food products;

LTD. Service-Pack, Kharkov tube square;

JSC Ukrplastik, Kiev - packing Dione for ice-cream;

JSC Ukrplastik, Kiev - packing for the frozen test of Nordhaus;

JSC Ukrplastik, Kiev - packing for the chips Gold with taste of bacon, sour cream and bow;

JSC Ukrplastik, Kiev - packing for biscuits - pastries BISKonti, kapuchino;

LTD. Vos'miy kolir, Kiev - packing for coffee Elsinor;

Packing for drinks:

JSC Saint-Gobain Star, Star village of Rovenskyi regionglass bottle for beer of 0,33 l - SAB Miller;

Packing for cosmetic and pharmaceutical commodities:

LTD. TD Lunapak Dnepropetrovsk - cardboard stand Gleyd Aromokristal;

Souvenir packing

LTD. Media Prostir LTD Kiev - series of packing of souvenirs TM Soyuz-Viktant;

Blitspak, Kiev - new-year gift Crown;

Printing company Profi-pres, Makeevka - packing for a new-year gift Crane;

Transport packing:

LTD. Kiev cardboard-paper industrial centre, Obukhov, Kiev region. - packing from cardboard for the boards of parquets Barlinek;

LTD. Kiev cardboard-paper combine, Obukhov, Kiev region - transport-publicity display from cardboard for packing of butter;

Winners of the contes Ukrainian label 2008:

Label with the further causing gluing:

Milokumov S.., TD Massandra Yalta, AR Crimea - series of labels for the economy Gurzuf;

Winners of the contest Packing of the Future:

I place Martynyuk Viktoriya, the student of the National academy of educational art and architecture, Kiev - a complex of packing of gifts of vegetable products Atstek;

II place Raina Evgeniya the student of the Kharkov state academy of design and arts - series of the universal packing from cardboard Winter fair;

III place Khamidova Galina, the student of the National academy of educational art and architecture, Kiev - a complex of packing of gifts Silk way;

Winners of the contest of students of Kiev schools conducted under a motto To the best life through the best packing:

Yarmolenko Dar'ya, 7 class of school 131, Kiev

Sidorenko of Julius, 8 class of school 131, Kiev

Rumyantseva Anastasiya, 7 class of school 131, Kiev

Maydanov Anton, 7 class of school 131, Kiev

Poryadochna Olesya, 9 class of school 70, Kiev

Special reward of DG PRESS company for flight of designer idea:

Kurchiy Ol'ga the student of the National academy of educational art and architecture, Kiev

Special reward ot JSC Kiev International Contract Fair for the complex decision at development of packing construction:

LTD Glamur Pack, Kiev - a gift set for a chocolate.

Special reward from BOBST company:

Printing company Profi Press, Makeevka, Donetsky region - packing New-year coach.

Special reward from Bereg company :

Babiy Anastasiya, the student of the Kiev institute of the applied arts of Boychuk - series of packing for the wares of pastries Tripikol'.

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